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It has even piqued the interest of the local authorities. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Health Promotion Board (HPB) have asked for the paper. When contacted, the MHA confirmed that it had asked for a copy of the report but did not give further details. HPB declined comment.
“Discrimination is a very important aspect of labour economics and has been extensively studied by economists,” said Dr Leong.
“Many prominent economists, like Professor Steve Levitt from the University of Chicago, have worked with data on prostitutes in the US to analyse issues.”
Prof Levitt’s best-selling book, Freakonomics, applied economic principles to topics such as cheating in schools and drug dealing.
The study shows the “survival strategies used by sex workers” in Geylang, said Ms Vanessa Ho, 26, an advocate for sex workers’ rights and recently named Young Activist of the Year by gender equality advocacy group Aware.
But she added: “I do not find that the research helps us in solving issues such as sex trafficking or general labour exploitation in the industry.”
Dr Leong said the study did not ask the women if they were forced to work as sex workers as it was deemed too sensitive.
On tourist visa, but Jiangsu woman not here to sightsee.
Jiangsu native Gina has a dark secret. The 25-year-old arrived in Singapore from China two weeks ago as a tourist, but she has not visited attractions like Sentosa or tried local dishes like laksa.
Instead, she has been working as a freelance prostitute in a walk-up apartment in Geylang.
The fair and slender 1.7m-tall dance and music teacher has spent about $2,000 getting to Singapore and starting work.
The breakdown: $700 in airfare, $700 a week to rent a bedroom with an attached toilet and $580 to a Singapore agent who picked her up at the airport, arranged the apartment, took her photos and advertised her services online.
She said, through a source, that she also had sex with the agent for free “so that he can describe and rate my services online”.
She charges her clients, who are all locals, $80 an hour. But she declined to reveal how much she has earned or the number of clients she has served.
Her clients responded to the online advertisement, but she does not rule out streetwalking.
“But I will try not to, because I am scared of getting caught by the police,” she said.
She came to work as a freelance prostitute after friends who were here said it was lucrative and introduced her to the local agent.
“The agent was helpful, even helping me buy towels, mouthwash and condoms,” she said.
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Prostitution in Singapore.
Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world and one of the most enduring. It is probably the only profession that will remain the same throughout all of history as there will always be a supply and there will always be a demand. You can find prostitution anywhere you go, but in ultra-conservative Singapore, it took me by surprise to find out that prostitution is not illegal here.
Here’s a quote from the “2008 Human Rights Report: Singapore” as per the U.S. Department of State:
Prostitution itself is not illegal; however, public solicitation, living on the earnings of a prostitute, and maintaining a brothel are illegal. The authorities periodically carried out crackdowns on solicitation for prostitution and arrested and deported foreign prostitutes, particularly when their activities took place outside informally designated red-light areas. In practice police unofficially tolerated and monitored a limited number of brothels; prostitutes in such establishments were required to undergo periodic health checks and carry a health card.
( Note : The quote says ‘foreign prostitutes’ because the majority of prostitutes in Singapore are not locals. They are from the poorer surrounding countries and enter Singapore on a temporary visa, during which time they engage in prostitution to raise capital. They then return home and, I assume, repeat the cycle as necessary. )
Coming from the US, legalized prostitution is nothing new to me. It’s legal in Nevada and until earlier this year it was legal in Rhode Island. However, I grew up in a conservative family and spent most of my childhood in the South, which is commonly referred to as the Bible Belt. Until I was older and put more thought to the subject I viewed all prostitutes as inherently evil. I now know that most prostitution is done out of necessity. That doesn’t make it right in my eyes, just understandable.
I had always assumed that this sort of activity was illegal in Singapore. The laws are very strict here, including fines for eating or drinking on public transit and the outlawing of chewing gum. So, I can’t help but wonder why prostitution is legal. I see it as dangerous and morally reprehensible, but that could just be a cultural difference. When it comes right down to it, consensual prostitution doesn’t really hurt anybody, and given the prostitute’s circumstances it may be beneficial to her (or him) financially. The banning of prostitution in Singapore could be more detrimental than helpful to social order. Or another way to look at it would be that since it’s not a problem, there’s no reason to fix it.

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