Cats peeing in corner

Cats peeing in corner
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Samwagik went deeper – undercover of course – and managed to piece together this piece of information from our investigations.
These days, prostitution is very much an online enterprise. The Kenyan blogosphere has just recently been graced by not your usual blogger and not your usual genre: Digital prostitution. Global adult content has been growing by the day, and Kenya has jumped on the bandwagon. Escorts advertise on personal websites and email with clients before meeting up. All of this, according to them has made the black market safer and somewhat more lucrative compared with the days when they could mostly walk the streets looking to pick up men. A number of sites have a section where clients can leave reviews for escorts. The following is a list of links to the most famous websites which prostitutes are currently using to market their trade in Nairobi. More ads are also found on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
• Koinange Street area (Also called ‘K’ Street) is a Red Light District in Nairobi. There are whores selling their body just for about 200-250 shillings. Young ladies in their early twenties are engaging in the practice.
• Many whores have moved to hanging around Westlands Road area as well.
Prostitutes and Sex Workers.
Some of the prostitutes go on in broad daylight in joints in downtown Nairobi where male clients flood to satisfy their sexual urge. These Nairobi prostitutes are sex workers at day time and housewives at the night time. They come back home from their flesh trade just before their husbands get back from their jobs.
• F1 a.k.a. Madhouse, Koinange Street.
• Florida 2000 a.k.a. F2, Moi Avenue.
• Tahiti, off Luthuli Avenue.
• Fameland, at a place known as “Commercial”.
• Black Diamond, Electric Avenue.
• iClub (formerly Tacos), Kimathi Street.
• Apple Bees, off Luthuli Avenue.
• Sabina Joy, Moi Avenue.
• Simmers, Kenyatta Avenue’
• Good Hope, on River Road.
Street hookers in Nairobi ask normally 250 shilling for one round and 800 shillings for whole night. You will probably see young Nairobi street walkers in the areas mentioned below. Street whores in Nairobi are cheaper in residential areas than what they cost in the city center. Most girls will line up on the street until 4am, but some girls work 24 hours on the street.
• In the Red light district on Koinange Street .
• Intersection of Koinange Street and Kenyatta Avenue.
• Westlands Road area at night time.
• In front of Amar Hotel , prostitutes standing in the corridors making it hard for anyone to pass through.
• Kitale Hotel , prostitutes sitting on the couch inside. Some of the hookers are in a groups and some are alone.
• APPLE BEEZ , Located along Gaborone road, this is the pioneer of stripping business in town. They literally set the trend in the industry. With strippers from as far as Brazil and USA, they are obviously serious about what they do.
• LIDDOS , Located along Keekoroke road, this is the one joint edging out Apple beez as the ultimate Nairobi’s top strip club.
• F3 PANGO , A sister club to the renowned Florida pack of night clubs, its located along Moi Avenue in the same building that Florida 2000 is located. Actually you use the same entrance to F2. After 11pm, the music is usually very loud. Lots of foreigners are seen in this club. This is definitely a high end joint, Sudanese are also spotted making it rain here.
• TAHITI CLUB , Another club located along river road. It’s a relatively small club with the balcony serving as the VIP section.
• SMALL WORLD STRIP CLUB , Located on a lane just off River road and on the 5th floor of an old building.
• Munyu Road Junction on both sides of Luthuli, there are two of them.
• On the last building on Luthuli street on the right, there are three. That is where a lot of High school students prefer. Maybe because of the price. You will always catch them there during openings and closing of schools.
• The famous Kericho East . Across River Road.
• Duruma Road, there is a bar called bar Jerry’s . There are two more dingy lodges there which are brothels.
• Tea Room is probably the most famous (after Sabina Joy). If you climb up the stairs to the reception, the only business there is selling out rooms and condoms. There are many prostitutes in the bar and in the rooms.
• Nyandarua Lodging , River Rood, Prostitutes always loitering around there, some of them under-aged.
Sensual and happy ending massage is readily available from providers in Nairobi. Most of the erotic massage services are found in online websites. Some up-scale hotels do also have a beauty parlor where one can find massage therapy. Some of girls who work on these parlors like to make extra money on the side.
• Sonya Therapy Gill House , 4th floor, Hotel bilmas, Care Guest House. Cost for a massage is Ksh 1,000 to the house, and another 1,000 for the girl.
• Roys Nairobi ladies massage parlor.
• Ariya Thai Spa , Hayat House, Jalaram Rd, Westlands, Nairobi.
You can sometimes find transvestites from Kirinyaga Road in Nairobi. Most are men with their faces heavily powdered, their lips evenly glossed and nails pedicured. Some look more feminine than others.

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