Girlfriend Squirting Close Up

Girlfriend Squirting Close Up
**1/2 – Pitch Perfect – This highly uneven comedy, originally released on pay per view before going on to surprising success in theatres is another in the ‘college competition’ genre which has previously covered cheerleading, fraternity and sorority life and of course sports. Here the battlefield is intercollegiate acapella singing. Capitalizing on the popularity of TV shows like Glee, Smash, and countless signing competitions this seems to have connected with an audience. Australian comic, Rebel Wilson, who came to local fame for her appearance in Bridesmaids, is given the more likable role here as Fat Amy – and she is not without her charm and enthusiasm. Sadly, no one else in this film fares as well, even the usually effective Anna Kendrick who is at a disadvantage here since she plays a largely unlikeable character. In fact, the parade of collegiate stereotypes, nerds and bitches wears out its welcome soon. Despite this, there are some spirited and effective musical numbers and some fine acapella singing — but even that can’t overcome the requisite projectile vomiting. More miss than hit.
**1/2 – Men in Black 3 – I like time travel-premised films that cleverly play with the paradoxes of time travel in satisfying ways. Unfortunately, this film is not one of them. The Time Travel gimmick here serves primarily to give Josh Brolin a chance to give a spot-on Tommy Lee Jones impersonation, as the younger version of Agent K. It also serves as an excuse to interject some fun retro-60s music into the mix. Beyond that, this is more of the cartoonish alien fun that was fresh and original in the original Men in Black, but starts to wear out its welcome here. It’s passable fun, but doesn’t generate any real laughs and the CGI looks, well, very CGI. Emma Thompson is pretty much wasted here, (any British Actress of her age would have done as much with the underwritten part), and Jermaine Clement is unrecognizable and unable to bring much to the generic Boris the Animal character who is a rather dull villain overall. Will Smith, as he ages, may be losing his fun, comic smart-ass sensibility.
** Jack Reacher – I’ve not read the book or books that this mystery thriller featuring vigilante Jack Reacher are based upon — but its got to be pretty pulpy stuff as the dialog and plotting here is pretty melodramatic, far fetched and old school. One thing’s clear, the character whose boots Tom Cruise is trying to fill is a more formidable presence than Mr. Cruise seems equipped to deliver. Miscasting seems to abound here, including the lead actress, Rosamund Pike. The plotting here is extremely far-fetched and action sequences seem to happen just because some action is needed, like the worst of the James Bond movies. People chase one another for no good reason, and no one seems to have a logical reason for any of their actions. There’s nonetheless a few good fight sequences where you suspend disbelief and can delight knowing that Jack Reacher will somehow outperform, out-beat, and out-think his every opponent. So it’s fun to watch this ‘superman’ perform and dispense justice. The brutal street fighting is the best feature of the movie, and is helped by good fight choreography instead of chaotic editing. It does however, look a bit silly that short, still-boyish Tom Cruise is such an imposing, terrifying and intimidating presence. He gives a humorless performance in a movie that takes itself too seriously while being unable to avoid the sometimes laughable dialog. Only Werner Herzog, with his scary germanic accent seems to fit in here. The plot twists are fairly obvious (I was always steps ahead of the movie), so the vengeance and come-uppance delivered by this avenging angel is all that keeps the film together and provides its occasional pleasures.
** Not Fade Away – I was very excited that a wonderful writer like David Chase (the creator of The Sopranos), would choose to make his first feature film as director and writer about growing up in the 60s, a passion for music, and the desire to form a band. Sad to say that despite my interest and passion for all of the above, the film falls far short of my expectations. Its a rather moody, dispirited tale of a NY teen who aspires to get a recording contract with his local band made up of his buddies — but never achieves it. Drenched in nostalgia for the period, (and a comprehensive period soundtrack compiled by Stevie Van Zandt), this feels more like a personal recollection for Chase — far more emotionally resonant for him, than for the audience. I didn’t wind up caring about any of the characters, and nothing of consequence happens to them. Afraid this turned out to be a bit of a yawn.
** Snow White and the Huntsmen – A rather grim, fairy tale with not a hint of joy or fun in it. Kristin Stewart doesn’t make much of an impression as Snow White, and the Huntsmen wasn’t very appealing either. Only Charlize Theron registers at all here, and she’s got little to do except play ‘evil’. She is beautiful though – whether young or aged. This is what Lord of the Rings might be like it it was in lesser hands — sort of a medieval bore with very unspecial effects. As i watched the credits, I saw a lot of surprising names — Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, and Ian McShane — and my word — none of them made the least impression in this film. What a waste of talent. Neither exciting, romantic, or scary — it only works as a bedtime story — sort of put me to sleep!

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