Lesbian and gay foundation

Lesbian and gay foundation
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I really don't mind what people get up to provided it is not compulsory.
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Im just back from the most perfect weekend in my life!! in Nice. the place is gorgeous.. im planning to go back to nice the 16th to 19th of May because i have to go back!! have to get the 16th off work first.
The one thing that got to me was the prostitution, im not a preacher or anything but i couldnt believe how blatent it was. my boyfriend and i walked to get dinner at 10pm and saw a girl dressed to kill and i joked that she looked like a lady of the night but purely joking and then on our way back at about 11.30pm about 6 girls where on the same street walking up and down the street getting into cars.
We stayed in Hotel de le fontaine, and it was all going on quite close to us i thought the red light district was close to the train station but i must have got it wrong.
Each to their own. just saying i thought it was a little off putting!!
That being said i love NICE!!
I do know that Cannes has cleaned up the Croisette, in the last 6-7 years or so.
including regular "begging". In fact, even the Deaf & Dumb, can no longer offer their goods, leaving a card with the hope of a donation to the Society. I sorry that they've been banned because they truly unobtrusive lovely people.
You'll still see some well-dressed (hmmm) girls in bars/restos, nursing a drink, with a cell on the ready, but for the most part, it's discreet. As the OP says, each to their own. I know the trade operates in my area, and I assume, also in Dublin -:)
The girls on the Croisette used to have their own cars (snazzy ones too, no doubt owned by "others")
I imagine it's more difficult for the police in Nice, if they are merely (cough) getting into one.
I'm glad you like Nice.
lovely place! I doubt much will have changed by your next visit nor will anything have much changed elsewhere in the world.
Most of the year round the "red light district" of Nice is along the main drag close to the airport – (not that you need to know this) From a distance, its a comfort to know most of them don't look like heroin addicts like in London.
I recall the Amsterdam shop window notice "Its been a business doing pleasure with you"
To each his own.
it is a sad trade, i was in the caribeen a few years ago for a wedding and myself, my parents and my younger sister where in a bar with my grandfather and he went up to order a drink and they asked him which girl he wanted – the barmaids where prostitutes and that was how you ordered them!! he didnt leave the hotel resort again!!
The deaf and dumb are still in Nice we ate in Poco Loco and our table was constanlty hassled although it was my boyfriends fault for picking up the stuff and looking at it with no intention to buy!!
I have both worked and trained,(cycling), in and around Nice. The girls have always been about, though it is more an emphasis on females than transexuals; which used to be the majority!! I suppose it is the oldest trade that is attracted to this area. druggy and more seedy around the station area and quite trannyish in the centre of Nice, after 11pm!
Thank you for sharing (as they say)
When I worked in Market Research a few years back I recall a reply to "sexual orientation" question from an elderly English lady. Asked if she was a) hetero-sexual or b) homo-sexual she replied " Good Heavens, Neither!"
I used to live on what some would call the best street in Paris (Ave Foch) and on Saturday morning our regular 4 would turn up. Then there was the one just down the street who caught the early morning trade. Hey that's life.
I wondered about all the great looking girls with the Stilleto high heels. I think that this is just the general fashion, but it is also part of an "escort's" outfit. The world has become quite prudish over the years due to the rise in conservative religious movements of all flavors. That said, there were an awful lot of men walking around Monaco with some racey "trophy girls". These are very romantic places, and it is a shame not to enjoy intimate time here with the love of your life. But if you cannot be with the one you love – what the hell, why not have a few great hours for your euros?
I was in Nice a few weeks ago and this is my 7th time I love the place !! But I must be either blind or totally innocent (and I think not) but I have never noticed prostitutes, now in all honesty I was not looking for them but I imagine I would have noticed. In Berlin last year you could pick them out a mile away and these were well dressed but as a previous contributor said sitting in a bar well dressed and mobile phone at the ready and really very obvious, on this visit I took my sister in law and my Mum as this was her 1st time here and her 1st holiday in years and iused this as a good time to really dress up and make an effort. I put on a new short dress and high stiletto heels something I dont do a lot as my poor husband is not as tall as me and we all went out and had a lovely night. Now Im beginning to wonder after the input of a previous contributor "high heels" are obviously a sure sign of ladies of the night I mustnt have been as nice as I thought because I got no offers. But no matter I will still be back because this is my most favourite place on Earth and Im not easily pleased.

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