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Clifford Lo UPDATED : Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015, 11:51PM.
Police arrested 38 people in connection with a prostitution ring that allegedly operated in three-star hotels in Kowloon West, making some HK$180,000 a day.
The arrests included a Hong Kong woman who allegedly ran her own "room service", providing towels and daily necessities for mainland prostitutes to avoid arousing the suspicion of hotel managers, according to police. Another Hong Kong woman allegedly offered make-up services.
The others – one man and 36 women – included 34 suspected prostitutes from the mainland.
Last night, police were searching for their ringleader, who they said probably controlled the illegal business from the mainland.
During the operation, police seized HK$180,000 from a mainland couple when they tried to deposit the money into a mainland bank account through a cash remittance shop in Mong Kok yesterday.
"We believe the sum was their daily income. The syndicate remitted money into their bank accounts on the mainland every day," Chief Inspector Cheng Dien-kit of the Kowloon West regional crime unit said.
He added that police would follow up the case with mainland authorities. They believe the syndicate arranged mainland prostitutes to work in hotels in Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok over the past three months.
‘I trafficked women at a famous Hong Kong nightclub’
A former mamasan at Tsim Sha Tsui’s notorious Club Bboss recalls its hedonistic heyday – and how a ‘miracle’ put her on the path to salvation.
M ary Zardilla looked like she had it all. It was 1986, the heyday of Hong Kong hedonism and she had spent the past decade climbing the greasy pole of the entertainment business to its gaudy, gold-plated zenith – the self-appointed greatest night club of them all, Club Bboss.
Like many others, Mary had risked much to be here, lured by the promise of rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers of the day. The club’s clientele was a veritable “who’s who” of 1980s Hong Kong. Celebrities, politicians, famous businessmen. all were common sights at this Tsim Sha Tsui landmark, a 70,000 sq ft nightclub-cum-amusement park for men that boasted bright lights, lavish floor shows and more than 1,000 perfectly coiffed hostesses.
As one of the city’s last Japanese super clubs, Club Bboss – formerly Club Volvo – was about nothing if not conspicuous consumption. The rich and famous would arrive at the curbside in their Rolls-Royces, only to be ferried to their booths in gold-plated golf carts designed to look like the vehicles they had just left.
And once inside they might meet one of those many perfectly coiffed hostesses – but not before first encountering someone like Mary.
Mary was one of the club’s foremost mamasans. Her job was to match up the club’s male clientele with one of the 100 or so escorts under her control – and it was a job Mary, who learned Japanese for the role, was particularly good at, having acquired an uncanny knack for reading men’s minds when it came to their tastes in women.
So good, in fact, that the club gave her two armed bodyguards as round-the-clock protection when she joined from a rival establishment – a skilled mamasan like Mary could bring in a lot of money for a club, many of which were run by triad gangs, and employers did not take kindly to being abandoned.
“Some mamasans got beaten and hospitalised to warn you against leaving [for another club],” recalls Mary, now 63, petite with a pretty, wrinkle-free face that makes her look decades younger than she is. “[When I left my former job], I said, ‘please don’t hurt me. I served my contract. I have to support my poor family in the Philippines’.”
Luckily for her, Mary was allowed to leave for Club Bboss, where she worked alongside mamasans from Australia, Japan, China and Korea, managing girls who, like her, had begun working there voluntarily, out of financial need driven by their impoverished family backgrounds.
Slave husbands of Hong Kong: the men who marry into servitude.
“We were trapped with no other options,” says Mary, who herself began working at 16 to support her parents and siblings.
As a pimp, Mary mentored her girls in everything from etiquette to styling. Every night she introduced them to “johns” who were charged fees by 15 minute increments. Johns were charged by the club anywhere from HK$1,900 to HK$3,500 or more per encounter, depending on how wealthy they appeared.
Technically, Mary’s work – and that of her girls – was entirely legal, but Mary herself is in little doubt as to what her role constituted. “I sold girls. As a mamasan, I trafficked girls,” Mary now says, bluntly.
To get around the laws on prostitution, their salaries were paid by nightclub accountants and they were taxed as hostesses – something that is considered legal work.
To keep their mamasan happy, the girls would give Mary money or gifts as a “favour”. The girls needed to do this to get an edge on their competition for the highest paying, most attractive johns. Mamasans were in charge of their own schedules and were the most powerful in the food chain. Mary had only one boss – the owner.

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