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50 Year Old Anti-Slavery Law Used in Thailand to Combat Human Trafficking., News & Updates, 17 May 2007 — Adapted from: "Of human bondage: After 50 years, the anti-slavery law is finally being enforced." Bangkok Post. Outlook, 8 May 2007.
[accessed 29 December 2010]
Chand was forced to work from 4am to midnight every day, serving 50-year-old Wipaporn Songmeesap and her family of six. Instructed never to leave the house or contact her parents, fear-stricken Chand was only allowed to eat once or twice a day, unless her boss was angry with her, in which case she went hungry. When unhappy with her work, Wipaporn would violently beat her with an iron rod or a belt with a metal buckle, said Chand. She was never sent to the doctor, and repeated beatings kept opening old wounds, leading to a severe infection.
The legal efforts to take Chand’s employer to court for the crime of slavery began two years ago. In a landmark verdict last month, the Criminal Court sentenced Wipaporn to more than 10 years in jail for abusing Chand as a slave. The mother of four was also ordered to pay Chand 200,000 baht in compensation. Despite an appeal by the defendant, history was made. The country’s 51-year-old anti-slavery law had been enforced for the first time, paving the way for future cases to tackle human trafficking and slavery.
Ethnic Hill-Tribe Children Learn about the Dangers of Trafficking., 17 May 2007 — Adapted from: "Course to save hilltribe girls from flesh trade" Bangkok Post. 8 May 2007.
[accessed 29 December 2010]
Chiang Rai governor Amorphan Nimanant said his province has become a major transit point for human trafficking because of its location as it borders Burma and is also very close to China, where human trafficking is rampant as well. ”More importantly, people were still poor, deeper in debt, and had no access to proper education, which would only worsen the situation,” he said. However, the province is determined to suppress the problem, he said, adding that a network has been set up to fight it.
Children in danger – Human trafficking suspected as youngsters go missing in Tak’s Mae Sot district.
Anan Paengnoy , The Nation, March 26, 2007.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 12 September 2011]
Every month, a few children go missing from the Muslim Community in Mae Sot district in what clearly are cases of human-trafficking. According to local community leaders, these children are sent to Bangkok, Nakhon Sawan and even Malaysia to be beggars, workers and prostitutes. Some children are stolen, others are lured away. Some are sold.
Human Trafficking Racket Being Operated in Southern Thailand.
Pattaya Daily News, 22 March 2007.
[Last accessed 22 August 2014]
Recently, two young men from Buriram were kidnapped by a trafficking gang on their first day of arrival in Bangkok, while looking for work. After being drugged, presumably with something similar to chloroform, the two were transported, unconscious, to a fishing port and effectively imprisoned on a fishing boat for 8 months.
Phuket investors implicated in human trafficking bust.
The Nation, Mae Hong Son, 3 February 2007.
[accessed 22 August 2014]
Twenty long-neck Karen women (Paduang) arrested while crossing the Thai-Burmese border on Wednesday night allegedly were to be sold to a group of Phuket investors for 10 million baht, police said on Thursday.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 12 September 2011]
"Lin Lin " was thirteen years old when she was recruited by an agent for work in Thailand. Her father took $480 from the agent with the understanding that his daughter would pay the loan back out of her earnings. The agent took "Lin Lin " to Bangkok, and three days later she was taken to the Ran Dee Prom brothel. "Lin Lin " did not know what was going on.
Narathiwat raided Karaokes : 34 human trafficking victims rescued.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 12 September 2011]
The provincial police and other provincial officials had raided and arrested two local karaoke operators. 34 women and children were rescued. Among them included three Vietnamese people, two Cambodians, 20 Thai Yai residents, three Laotians, and six Thais. There was one fifteen-year-old and the rest aged between 17 and 20.
More co-operation needed in war on human trafficking.
Viet Nam News, 04-07-2006.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 12 September 2011]
Reviewing the human trafficking trend in the region, Thailand’s Susu Thatun , programme manager of the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region reported that nearly one-third of the global trafficking trade of about 200,000-225,000 women and children are trafficked annually from Southeast Asia.
While in the past women and children have been reported as trafficked victims, Thatun said that boys and men have also been identified as victims as well into the sex trade, heavy labour, begging, marriage, and the fishing industry.

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