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Murdered &Missing Aboriginal Women &Girls Canada.
My Self Julie Jones Durocher & My Husband Harvey Durocher aka: Metchitoweweyin Have compiled this important data from BC we are working on AB/SK/MB/ONT/QB & the Maritime s/ Territories.This is a high profile issue in our Home & we will Continue in our work to gather Data so as to File a Glass Action Lawsuit if we gainer enough support. Watch for my follow up blogs in the very near future.
My sister Shannon Jones was 11 years old when she suddenly gained a lot of weight. I thought it strange and asked the question what is wrong with sissy I was told.
She was evil & Satan had entered into her. February 17, 1954 was the last time I ever seen my sister again She vanished from St Mary’s Residential School In Mission BC, I am sure many more girls vanished and or we murdered also .Many times over the years I went to RCMP, they told me to seek info from Church Diocese. Church told me to contact DIA/DIAND/INAC I I have written them hundreds of letters & my Band has also but to date we know nothing. She my Sister is my driving force to find or find out Why we have so many Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women & Girls throughout our lands,I am writing this blog to help educated on several from across the Land. This is a very emotional time for me to be writing this blog as February 17 2013 it was 54 years since my sister Shannon went missing. I will begin in BC.
Since 1970’s in B.C., there have been Many many unsolved murders of women who either worked in the sex trade or were vulnerable to predators because they used drugs, lived on the street, hitched rides with strangers, or earned their living as exotic dancers. These are the open files:
Turley’s body was found in a wooded area near Squamish. She had been sexually assaulted, beaten and strangled. Police say she was known to them as a Granville Mall “street person” who once worked as a prostitute.
Banman, who worked in the sex trade, was last seen in Nanaimo in the middle of August. Two people picking ferns on an overgrown logging road north of Campbell River discovered Banman’s skeletal remains the following May.
June 8, ’91: Melissa Maureen Nicholson, 17.
Nicholson, who worked as a prostitute in Victoria, was last seen getting into a pickup truck at the corner of Gordon and Courtney. Her body was found beside a gravel road south of Shawnigan Lake.
Slots, who was addicted to drugs and worked in Victoria’s sex trade, was found murdered on a logging road in a remote area of Shawnigan Lake. She had been beaten to death.
Thiara, who worked as a prostitute in Prince George, disappeared the July long weekend. Her body was found Aug. 17 in the bush along Highway 16, six kilometres east of Burns Lake.
Three teenaged boys found Germaine dead of multiple stab wounds behind an elementary school in Prince George. She had worked as a prostitute, but friends claimed she stopped two weeks before her death.
May 8, ’81: Maureen Elizabeth Mosie, 33.
Mosie’s battered body was found beside a road near Kamloops. Mosie, who was from Edson, Alta., was hitchhiking between Salmon Arm and Kamloops.
November 26.2012 CJ Fowler.
CJs 16 year old beaten body was found in a Ditch in a housing suburban she was last seen at RI Hospital on Security Video leaving ER about 3:AM & was apparently going to go to Bus Depot to catch bus back to northern Community. To Date no further info.
Gordon, who worked in Vancouver’s sex trade, vanished in late April 1997.
Her body was found on the shores of Little Lillooet Lake near Pemberton in the spring of 1998.
Younker disappeared from Vancouver, where she worked as a prostitute. Her decomposed body was discovered in October beside a logging road in a remote area northeast of Mission. Police suspect her death is linked to the murders of Tracy Olajide and others.
Smith was working as prostitute in Victoria at the time of her disappearance. Her decomposed body was found in a regional park in September. She had been beaten to death. Police at one time considered the possibility her murder was linked to the murders of three other women: Karen-Lee Taylor (Vancouver), Kimberley Gallup (Victoria) and Melissa Nicholson (Shawnigan Lake).
Fowlie’s partly clad body was found next to a logging road east of Sooke.
She had worked as a prostitute, but had become a born-again Christian. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled.
Venne, who worked as a prostitute, was found strangled with the belt of her coat. Her hands were bound and she had been tortured and sexually assaulted.
Mitchell, who worked as a prostitute, was found buried in a shallow grave in Beacon Hill Park. She had been missing since June and police believe she was strangled. Police had a suspect who died before being charged.
Gallup was working as a prostitute and was picked up by a man wearing a neon-pink and green ski jacket. She was found at 4 a.m. in a room at the Colony Motor Inn. She had been strangled.

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Robert Evans’s first book, A Brief History of Vice, is available for pre-order now!
Related Reading: Want an inside look at hacking next? Click this link. For a look at life inside prison, let this link guide your way. Shipping a package this holiday season? Let former UPS loader Sara Ohlms give you the head’s up.
Cost of Living in Pattaya.
Summary about cost of living in Pattaya : Four-person family monthly costs: 108,961.78руб (59,788.34฿) without rent (using our estimator). A single person monthly costs: 30,402.37руб (16,682.07฿) without rent. Cost of living index in Pattaya is 20.62% higher than in Novosibirsk . Cost of living rank 404 th out of 549 cities in the world. Pattaya has a cost of living index of 48.07 .
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Anonymous Sex Worker Shares the 15 Strangest Things Men Have Asked Her to Do.
“[There’s a] guy who comes to my apartment Saturday mornings with bagels and lox. His thing is setting up the brunch spread and having sex before we eat it.”
The website Alternet has an engrossing series of articles written by an anonymous self-described former “survival prostitute.” As the site explains it, survival prostitutes are:
. the most easily and frequently killed of all women. They lack the glamor of call girls and the “victimhood” of trafficked women since their pimp is their drug habit itself. They have been abandoned by their families, their communities and the other people on the street. Even law enforcement and social services slighted them until recently.
The anonymous woman Alternet spoke to says she was driven by her drug habit but that now she’s found recovery in a 12-step program. Here are some of the strangest stories about the johns she encountered:
1. Her first time. “My first exchange happened on a Saturday night when a guy who noted my high leather boots followed me into the vestibule of my apartment, crouched down and began licking my boot. In less than a minute he handed me money and left. I barely saw his face.”
2. The brunch date. “[There’s a] guy who comes to my apartment Saturday mornings with bagels and lox. His thing is setting up the brunch spread and having sex before we eat it.”
3. The “can’t always judge a book by its cover.” “Even though [the guy] had a nice house and seemed like he might have a normal wife, he wanted me to strap on a dildo and tell him how tight he was.”
4. The total creep. “[One guy] actually created a peephole so his buddies could watch while I was working on him. He is missing digits on his fingers. . He’s the kind of person you would cross the street to avoid.”
5. The guy who didn’t want sex. “Dick K. who is a client of my printer took me all the way to California with him on his business trip. I can’t figure out why. He doesn’t touch me though we sleep in the same bed.”
6. The (several) guys who said they’d be sex workers if they were women. “Many [guys] have told me if they were a girl they would be doing just what I do.”
7. The nice guys. “Most [guys] are more polite than guys I’ve dated either because they respect someone who makes more an hour than they do or because they know they’re going to get it so they don’t have to be defensive.”
8. The lazy guys. I sometimes think [the guys] pay so they don’t have to feel guilty about just lying there and making someone else do all the work and not returning the favor.”
9. The dad-type. “Another of my regulars owns a hardware store where we sometimes do it. He pays me every week whether or not he sees me and actually calls it my ‘allowance.’ It is hard to square his fatherly manner with his lewd lifestyle.”
10. The rich cheap guy. “Another of my regulars is a big hedge fund trader. I hear he is rich but he pays no more than anyone else. In fact he pays less; he insists on meeting in a hotel room near financial row and deducts the room from my pay.”
11. The scary situation. ” I also won’t do men in groups because they turn into rapes. You can control a one-on-one situation but you can’t stag parties and drunks.”
12. The cuddler. “In addition to sex [the guy] wants to cuddle which, even though he has technically paid for my time, irritates the hell out of me. I am speeding my ass off and the last thing I want to do is play statue with some needy stranger when I can’t even smoke. This is agony.”
13. The guy afraid of his “loose female employee.” “It’s like my printer. I go by his print shop several times a week and we do it on the darkroom floor. And he always cautions me to use the client bathroom, not the employee bathroom, because one of his female employees is loose and might have an STD. Where does he think I have been all day, at the library?”
14. The guy who gave her a (stolen) car. “I was in California and this guy picked me up and said if I would spend the night with him, he would give me a car. Right — I really believe that. But much to my amazement, after a long night of performing oral sex on me even though a million women would allow that for free, there was a car. It was a Honda Civic and the reason he was giving it to me was it was hot.”

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Every girl has a different story, a different set of circumstances.
I have met some of these "Russian" girls that have a good basic education, even complete with a year or two of University. Others can barely read in their own language, and are not too quick with the most basic of arithmetic. The girls run the gamut of intelligence and language skills.
There is more, which is so unique from one girl to the next. This "hostess girl" life style seems to change these girls. Many of them were naive and innocent, and then they were thrust into something that they don’t enjoy nor fully understand.
Even the more "sexually experienced" girls (typically from the Ukraine, or Russia, or from the Philippines), seem to develop an odd attitude about men, and they all seem to suffer from low self-esteem. But, they put on their false-smiles for their clients, and they learn the "game". They learn quickly that men can be "used". They learn that men, especially foreign men with high-paying jobs, are good sources of money, gifts, and the basic needs of life.
I can’t imagine that any of these girls will easily re-assimilate into their society when their period of servitude ends. Certainly not these Muslim girls. Back home, they will be forbade to drink, or to smoke, or to "date" without a brother or their father tagging along.
I feel sorry for all of these girls, of every race, color, and culture. I feel sorry for any girl tricked into this kind of servitude. But, in all honesty, I especially feel sorry for these Muslim girls, raised in often-repressive societies. In their world, if they marry, it is their custom that they are expected to be "good girls" and to be virgins on their wedding night. It is a custom in some of these cultures, that the new husband will call upon his mother-in-law the day after the wedding (and, presumptively, after the bride is deflowered…) He is to then thank his mother-in-law for doing such a good job of raising a chaste girl. To the more liberal of us, this is scarcely believable, yet it is a fact of their culture. Many of these girls feel, in their hearts, that they have accepted a short tour of prostitution as a sacrifice for their families. Many girls falsely believe that they will get rich from their work. What the Muslim girls also know for certain is that when they go back home, that they will be outcasts, and that they will probably not be able to ever marry within their own culture.
You have to wonder, do the "companies", the "managers", and the "clubs" care at all about what they are doing to these girls?
Each club seems to have different living standards and working conditions for its girls. And, every girl is treated differently by her mama-san. Some girls are well taken care of, well-fed, and receive monthly medical checks. Some girls are relatively neglected, or worse. One very young girl that I met was naturally small and thin. She was quite "model-like" when she first came to Korea. The combination of regular meals and the extra hormones from the birth control injections had a stunning, and predictable affect on her young frame. She filled out, and became more womanly and curvaceous looking. Mama-san decided that the girl should stay petite, and the girl was restricted to just one meal each day.
Most girls are perpetually sad, living a life that begins at about 4:00pm each afternoon, and may end at about 3:00am each morning. They endure the risk of ruining their bodies with tobacco, alcohol, and restricted diets. They are sad inside, yet they learn the tricks of the trade, and they smile genuinely at every new customer. They learn the "greeting-routine", asking in broken-Korean, or in broken-English, "how are you, where are you from, what is your name, please sit down, would you like a drink, would you please buy me a drink?
In one case, I actually saw "The Book" that the girls memorized all of the standard questions, answers, and phrases from. What a deal. Great working conditions, and a free education.
But, what if the girls learn that this life is not so glamorous? And, what if they try to run, to break free of this indentured servitude of the tawdry sort? Their managers hold their passports and their work visas. The girls are convinced that if they run, they will be arrested. I don’t know, they may be right. Others fear that if they run, that agents of the recruiting company back in their homeland will do harm to their families.
Some clients have the opportunity, as I did, to "buy" the girl’s contract and to set her free.
It was relatively expensive, but I was repaid a thousand times over when this gentle 21-year-old waif cried her goodbyes to me. Sad tears, saying goodbye to me. Happy tears, knowing that she was finally free to go home. I saw her last when she got on the train to Seoul, later to connect with a flight for her home in Kyrgyzstan. Home, to rejoin her family, to see her papa, that she sorely missed. Papa hasn’t got a clue what his baby girl has been doing.

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It’s telling to examine when and how different people and organizations use prostitute and its various synonyms. The Post called DSK’s accuser a “hooker” on its cover, but in the story itself they mostly used the less cutting “prostitute.” And in 2008, when then-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was caught paying Ashley Dupre for sex, the Post editors again used “hooker.” As the story progressed, they would eventually use both “ho” and “call girl,” too.
But everyone expects that sort of language from the Post , about which New Yorkers often say, “That’s low, even for the Post .” What about the highbrow New York Times ? How does The Paper of Record, which still refuses to print words like “fuck” or “shit,” refer to people who have sex for money? According to a search of its online archives, since 1981, Times editors have only used “hooker” to describe prostitutes in four headlines, three of which, strangely, were arts pieces. In its actual articles, the Times is not so staid, with instances of “hooker” turning up here, here, here, and many places elsewhere. Even President Bill Clinton has been quoted in the Times using “hooker” to describe all the wild things he saw his first time in New York City. Nevertheless, in most stories where it’s relevant, the Times consistently favors “prostitute” or “escort” over “hooker.”
Making “hooker” seem downright family friendly is “whore.” Though you might think a term so rude wouldn’t be tossed around in most media, you might be surprised. The Post ‘s Andrea Peyser loves “whore,” which she has used to slander everyone from a prostitute-turned-teacher (“This is one whore with chutzpah”) to disgraced politician John Edwards (“whore hound”). A legal brothel in Nevada is a “whorehouse” in the Post , while its purveyor is a “whoremonger.” Over at the Times , once again, things are a bit cleaner. “Whore” is used primarily in direct quotes, and, as with “hooker,” pretty much every use of “whore” to mean prostitute is in the Arts section, often for theater reviews.
Lots of other outlets use “whore,” too, including The Daily Beast, National Review, Fox News, and NPR. Even so-called progressive publications like The American Prospect have dabbled in the crassness of “whore,” with Prospect co-founder Robert Kuttner recently chiding a Republican senator who “visited whores.”
I’m not so much offended by these words as I am offended by all the linguistic inconsistency. Is “whore” as misogynistic as we’ve always thought it was, or is it perfectly acceptable to use when discussing prostitutes and promiscuous people (e.g. “manwhore”)? Is “prostitute” actually nicer than “hooker,” or are they equally ugly? Is an “escort” the most politically correct term for those of us looking to not offend, or is that “sex worker”? Then again, “sex worker” seems too broad a term, and could include strippers, phone sex workers, Playboy Playmates, etc.
For now, for me, I think I’ll stick with “prostitute” when talking about people whose job is to have sex. Anything else seems intentionally degrading (“whore”), inaccurate (“sex worker”) or archaic (“woman of the night”). You should continue to use whatever word you’d like, of course, but it’s probably important to consider the context in which you’re using it. If, for instance, you say a Democratic politician “visited prostitutes” while simultaneously saying a Republican politician “visited whores,” the difference in your language is telling—you don’t judge prostitutes, unless your enemies are visiting the filthy whores.
the money making encyclopedia.
Make money with us and have a fun.
Think about prostitution as your dream job (sex + money)? OK, then you need to read this article. Good and bad things about job of your dream here are. How to make money as a prostitute and why you better choose another profession.
Types of Prostitutes.
Independent Call Girl/Escort.
Independent escorts work for themselves in hotels and private buildings like houses, charge high prices, and stay away from the public eye. They likely advertise their services online, and they get to keep their profits since they’re self-employed.
Like independent call girls, employees of escort agencies work in private locations or hotels and charge relatively high prices. These employees face "moderate exploitation" since they have to give a cut of their earnings to their agencies.
Brothels are dedicated locations where people pay for sex and can include saunas and massage parlors. The prices they charge are "moderate," and brothel workers endure "moderate exploitation" since they have to give part of their earnings to the brothel owners.
This type of prostitution is prevalent in Amsterdam, enticing passersby to enter houses of prostitution by prominently displaying the women in windows. Which pays women a low-to-moderate wage.
Almost all of Amsterdam’s window rooms are single occupancy, separating workers from each other. Some rooms are connected to a bathroom and kitchen shared by several workers, but the women spend most of their time by themselves in front of the windows. The situation contrasts sharply with brothels, where workers can enjoy a party atmosphere and regular social contact with other providers, staff, and customers.

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In the past, most customers were middle-aged men. But the boom here, experts say, is powered in large part by the desires of young men — many of them traveling in packs for the weekend — taking advantage of Europe’s cheap and nearly seamless travel.
“The young used to go to discos,” said Francina Vila i Valls, Barcelona’s councilor for women and civil rights. “But now they go to brothels. It’s just another form of entertainment to them.”
There is little reliable data on the subject. The State Department’s 2010 report on trafficking said that 200,000 to 400,000 women worked in prostitution in Spain. The report said that 90 percent were trafficked.
But police officials and advocates say that whatever the number of victims, it is growing. Thousands of women are forced to work — often for even lower pay now, because of the economic downturn — everywhere from fancy clubs and private apartments to industrial complexes and lonely country roads.
Europe woke up to the problem of trafficked women in the 1990s, as young women from the former Soviet Union began to arrive in large numbers, and it has spent much of the last decade developing legal frameworks to address the issue. But, some advocates say, this decade will test Europe’s commitment to enforcing its new laws.
La Jonquera attracts young men from France seeking sex.
The New York Times.
“The structures, by and large, are in place,” said Luis CdeBaca, the ambassador who leads the State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. “Now it’s time to take them out for a drive.”
Fueling the boom in the sex industry in Spain are many factors, experts say, including porous borders in many parts of the world and lax laws. Until 2010, Spain did not even have a law that distinguished trafficking from illegal immigration. And advocates say arrests of traffickers and services for trafficked women remain few. The State Department’s report on trafficking said that according to preliminary information, the Spanish government prosecuted 202 trafficking suspects and convicted 80 in 2010.
More important, some advocates say, is the growing demand for sex services from younger tourists. Of course, there is a local market. One study cited by a 2009 United Nations report said that 39 percent of Spanish men admitted having visited a prostitute at least once. It is widely accepted here for business meetings to end in dinner and a visit to a brothel.
But more recently, experts say, Spain has also become a go-to destination for sex services.
In La Jonquera, tucked behind an all-night gas station, is the newly opened Club Paradise, which, with 101 rooms, is one of the largest brothels in Europe. It caters in large part to young men from France, where many aspects of prostitution are illegal, and perhaps more to the point, buying sex is more expensive.
On a recent evening, one young man from Paris stood in the parking lot of Club Paradise, bragging about his sexual exploits while his friends looked on. The women, he said, did not talk about whether they were being forced to have sex.
“Maybe,” he said. “But I think they are having a good time.”
If any of them actually are, they would seem to be the exceptions. Thirty years ago, virtually all the prostitutes in Spain were Spanish. Now, almost none are. Advocates and police officials say that most of the women are controlled by illegal networks — they are modern-day slaves.
The networks vary enormously, and shift constantly. Some are “mom and pop” operations out of Eastern Europe, like the one that controls Valentina. Others have far greater reach, like the Nigerian organizations that first began to surface in Spain in the last decade. Deputy Inspector Xavier Cortes Camacho, the head of the regional antitrafficking unit in Barcelona, said the Nigerian groups moved women through northern Africa to Spain, and then controlled them by threatening to rape or kill their family members back home.
But Mr. Cortes said that people of maybe a dozen nationalities were involved in the trafficking. Until recently, for instance, the police in Barcelona did not even realize that Chinese mafias ran prostitution rings in the city. Then they began noticing more and more advertisements for Chinese, Japanese and Korean women — all of them, it turned out, Chinese — working in a network of about 30 brothels.
The working conditions were brutal, Mr. Cortes said. On wiretaps, he said, “we listened to them complain that they needed to rest, they were in pain. But they had to keep working. One woman committed suicide after finding out she was H.I.V.-positive.”
Some of the women are sold into the business by their families, Mr. Cortes said. The police came across one case in which Colombian traffickers were paying one family $650 a month for their daughter. She managed to escape, he said. But when she contacted her family, they told her to go back or they would send her sister as a replacement.
Of the 1,605 women identified in 2010 as victims of traffickers, the biggest number — about 30 percent — came from the Balkans.
Many tell a story much like that of Valentina, who hoped to earn enough money in Spain to build a house and live in peace with her children.

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