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15. Younger guys who steal. “Almost every guy thinks he’s an exception and his ego doesn’t want to let him pay . Younger guys are especially bad and I have had them steal back the money while I wasn’t looking.”
You can read the whole fascinating story of her life as a sex worker here.

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Seoul South Korea at night.
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Some of you may know what this photo is of if you spend a lot of time in lower suk – this is the soi 8 coffee shop. Seems it burnt down last night. The buildings next to it seem okay but not sure about smoke or water damage. The coffee shop is totally destroyed all the way up.
I am not sure what happened but I hope everyone is okay. This used to be my daily hangout joint until they started to systematically rid the place of customers who would hang out with their laptops.
Big crowd on soi 8 today checking the place out but I was not able to get any more info. If someone knows any details be sure to put them in the comments.
Once again I just hope no one was hurt.
Ever notice the Thai girl habit of lounging, watching TV and eating squiddies? Just like the current plastic surgery craze – it seems to come from Korea:
It is almost inconceivable that the two might mate with each other. Herbivore man is a dandy metrosexual with an abhorrence of martial arts. He has no qualms about ordering wine or soft drinks instead of Korea’s fiery spirits, de rigueur among the old guard. Dried-fish woman is an impeccably dressed model employee, but after work she just wants to lounge on the sofa in a track suit, watch television and munch on dried squid.
Finally some one who knows is taking a stand on the current media craze of labeling Thailand as dangerous and unsafe. I think it is mostly BS myself – so does Andrew Biggs:
It turns out last year five British tourists were murdered in Thailand out of a total of 12 foreigners. Of these dozen foreigners who lost their lives, the majority were shady Russian gangsters/sex tourists, so surely they don’t count. Whatever the total, when you compare it with the 18 million tourists who came to Thailand last year, a fact slowly emerges that is sure to unnerve even the most hysterical letters-to-the-editor writing westerner with too much time on his hands _ Thailand is a very safe country for tourists.
Of course this will just get worse when Reality TV comes to town and hangs with the knobheads down in Pattaya called the Tourist Police. My guess is this will create a very slanted view of Pattaya and the idiots who tend to frequent the place. Great:
Daniela Neumann, the director of programming for Virgin1, noted: “This show is a powerful reminder of the hidden dangers and high drama that happens in what is one of the U.K.’s favorite dream holiday hotspots. In a British first, Bravo cameras will allow viewers an unprecedented and hard hitting insight into the inner workings of the Thai authorities, the Brits that are working for them, and the harsh reality of breaking the law there.’
If you hate Google like I do you will love this new Onion video.
Malaysia starting to get a little freaky folks.
This whole thing with the Russian arms dealer is too weird. The Thais help catch the guy in a months long sting but then the courts let him go? After Hilary comes to town for some ass kissing it seems the timing of this is rather strange. My guess is this is not over yet but I am somewhat confused as to what the Thais were thinking:
The ruling is a major setback for the United States, which had been pursuing the former Soviet Air Force pilot for years and, observers say, could complicate relations between the United States and Thailand. The judge, in an earlier interview with The Nation of Bangkok, joked that if he ruled against the Americans, he might never get another visa to visit the US.
“We are disappointed and mystified by the court’s ruling,” James Entwistle, the deputy chief of mission at the US Embassy in Bangkok, told reporters. a€’We think the facts of the case are relevant to Thai laws.”
Red shirts are at it again but I think it is not working:
That’s the role courts play in functioning democracies and is likely why Thaksin’s petition for a pardon will fall on deaf royal ears.
This is then followed up by this which to me says a ton given the timing.
Airport getting a lot more attention now – not sure it means much but clearly the smear campaign is having an effect.

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