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Stayed here in August and was impressed when we walked into hotel. Receptiona nd facilities are great. Have to say though that staff were not too receptive and I hate that in a hotel.
Asking the waiter for a cup for coffee in the morning brought a look of derision. I had shirts left in my room that did not belong to me and twice had to request to have the charge removed from my bill. i was charged for room minibar that i did not use which i found odd and my friend was charged for bar service that he did not receive.
Actually, when I challenged the mini bar charge the receptionist asked where did I get the bottle of water that I had in my hand (which I had bought the previous day in a garage). That did not impress me at all .
New law regulating prostitution takes effect in Valencia.
From now on, customers will be fined and prostitutes will escape punishment.
It’s often a shock for first time visitors to Spain to see prostitutes openly plying their wares in full public view, but prostitution is not illegal, and police in many areas are powerless to do more than check that residency paperwork is fully legal and that age regulations are being complied with.
The city administration has responded to complaints from residents by passing new laws concerning street prostitutes, which came into force in Valencia on Tuesday, meaning that from now on only customers will be fined and the prostitutes themselves will escape punishment.
Other cities across Spain are also implementing regulations regulating the activities of prostitutes within their own local communities.
Prostitution in Catalonia: Girona’s Ladies of the Plastic Chairs.
Prostitution in Girona, Catalonia.
By Regina Winkle-Bryan.
Last week we headed north into Girona and more specifically, Emporda. These regions of Catalonia are known for the footprints left behind by Big Dogs such as Dali and Picasso. In fact, there are three Dali museums in Emporda. Girona offers fertile fields, miles of vineyards, the rugged shores of the Costa Brava and medieval villages with the Pyrenees as a dramatic backdrop for it all. Among all this beauty are the putas , or prostitutes, or “ladies of the night”, except it’s not night, it’s 10:00 a.m.
We’re driving through really the middle of nowhere, and there by the side of a country lane is a woman in fishnets, high-heels, a black mini skirt and a halter top. She sits in a white plastic chair, maybe sipping a Red Bull. A couple miles down the same road we see another one, and another, and another. On my last trip north to Girona we counted about 25 women working the back-roads with their plastic chairs and occasionally a sun umbrella.
How the hell do they get out to the middle of rural Catalonia? There aren’t buses out there, and these women are in dire straights, so I doubt they have cars. I would guess that the man, or pimp behind all this exploitation leaves them out there every day, and then picks them up later on. How many customers can these women have along Bob’s Lane? Not too many probably, but clearly enough to keep coming back. These are all good questions, and I don’t have the answers, although I think the most important question is: Why is this happening?
I’ve never seen so much prostitution in my life as I have on the country roads of Girona (not just on this trip, but on every trip north I’ve made since 2008), and the road leading into Castelldefels. Numerous women in dangerous, solitary places, alone, selling themselves. Usually they are Latina or Eastern Europeans, probably immigrants, which makes the whole thing even worse in my opinion.
On this last trip north it especially struck me how blind we can collectively decide to be as a society. Girona and Emporda are high-end hot spots for tourism in Catalonia and many families from Barcelona have second homes there. How many Catalan families drive past these putas every weekend on their way to their beach house? Why hasn’t anyone complained? Where are the strong feminist women of Catalonia, and why aren’t they raising hell about this and shutting it down?
I find these women in their thigh-high boots and see-through tops standing in the mud in a field deeply troubling on many levels. They represent the economic crisis in Spain, desperation, exploitation, and also those who take advantage of them, and the many others, most of us, who turn a blind eye.
I for one, when in the Girona countryside, would like to see more poppies and pajaros than putas.
In Barcelona its sex IN the city | Tourists drop their pants with prostitutes in the streets!
Sex in the city! In the middle of Barcelona, prostitutes offer their services openly.
Prostitutes are getting down to it with their punters openly in the streets of Barcelona – where it’s sex IN the city!
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